“Dear Dr. Katsibris, Thank you for your help with my neck pain when I was on Rhodes at Nickolis Hotel. It was a little bit better when I left, and after 5 days in Santorini it was completely gone. The mind is a strange thing. Thank you again – you are a good doctor and a good guy.” Best wishes, Aaron Priest

Aaron Priest

“Hello Krito Medical Center! I am Aaron and I am 6 years old. I was coughing very badly and my parents were concerned. We visited the medical center and their doctor Kuvidi. She was very friendly and found in a few minutes what my problem was. Dr Kuvidi gave me antibiotics and puffs and after 2 days I was the old Aaron again. The medical care in Greece is better than we thought. We were very grateful for all the good care!” Love and kisses, Aaron


“Dr Andreas, Excellent service – very efficient. Thank you very much!”

Dr John Pothly

“I am Monique of the Netherlands (Maastricht). I tore my ligament torn and fractured my knee. The doctor has been very kind to me and took great care of me. The same applies for his assistant Britt. She’s a dirking! Thank you very much!!!”


“My wife Bozena Hibner and me, Gregor Hibner visited the medical center on 17th of September. My wife was having problems with her feet and had to get them examined. We thank you so much for the professional treatment and immediate assistance. You saved our holiday! I will recommend your medical center as well after our return to Germany.”

Gregor Hibner and Bozena Hibner

“My friend had the misfortune to have a fall on our 1st day in Rhodes. We were sent here for medical treatment and I must say, the staff and treatment was excellent, friendly and efficient. Many, many thanks for everything.”

Sheila Shaw